The Pocket Guide to Brand Licensing: How to Grow, Nurture and Sustain Your Licensing Program From Start to Success

"The next five years of licensing will change more than the last twenty," Pam Lifford, president, global brands and experiences, Warner Media. 

Where do you see your licensing program in 20 years? 

The brand licensing industry earned more than $280.3 billion in 2018. As the industry continues to grow globally, companies of all sizes have realized that licensing is a must-have rather than a nice-to-have, business vertical. As a result, the industry is gaining new and more innovative players.

The keys to success in licensing are skillful promotion and proactive management. By crafting a program that is as innovative as it is informed, you can achieve long-lasting and tenable licensing revenue growth. 

Is your brand primed for success? Download our ebook to learn tips for growth or simply refresh your memory of the core pillars of licensing:

  • Learn how you can leverage your contacts to improve your interactions and profitability in new territories.
  • Improve interactions with customers and create products that satisfy both their wants and needs.
  • Streamline your internal operations and partner relationships to save time and money.
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Licensing lifecycle management has never been so easy!

Built on Salesforce, the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Flowhaven enables licensors and agents to manage the wide range of activities required to run a successful licensing journey with B2B partners including agreement management, digital content distribution, design collaboration and approvals, and sales reporting and validation. Flowhaven inspires commercial and creative licensing teams to collaborate and leverage real-time business data to grow and scale globally. Flowhaven is a LIMA member with offices in Espoo, Finland and Santa Monica, California.