Expert-Approved Tips for Succeeding in the Brand Licensing Industry


“The next five years of licensing will change more than the last twenty," Pam Lifford, president, global brands and experiences, Warner Media.

Is your licensing business equipped for the changes?

Brand licensing is an expansive $271.6 billion industry. More and more, companies are realizing that licensing is a must-have rather than a nice-to-have business feature. As a result, the industry is gaining new and more innovative players, with an interest in satisfying all facets of consumer desires.

While it's important to keep a foot in the licensing race, the key sustained success in licensing is skillful promotion. By crafting a program that encompasses the breadth of consumer needs, you can achieve long-lasting and tenable licensing growth.

Is your brand primed for success? Download our ebook to learn tips for growth or simply to refresh your memory of the core functions of the licensing business:

  1. Learn how you can leverage your contacts to improve your interactions and profitability in new licensing territories.
  2. Improve interactions with customers and create products that satisfy both their wants and needs.
  3. Streamline your internal operations and partner relationships to save time and money.


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